The Slide Stainer

The Slide Stainer is a fully automated slide processing system for staining paraffin-embedded and frozen tissue sections, cytospins, cell smears and fine needle aspirates. This universal system is designed to automate the manual staining methods routinely used in immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization and related applications.

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Dimensions Closed

36.5in x 22in x 24in/93cm x 56cm x 61cm (with door closed)

Dimensions Open

36.5in x 36in x 24in/93cm x 91cm x 61cm (with door open)


125lb (57kg)

Normal Operating Temp

18°C-26°C (64°F-79°F)

Slide Capacity

1 - 36 glass slides

Reagent Capacity

40 different reagents
(15 mL/7mL reagent vial)

Heating Capacity

Room temperature to 103°C.
Maximum 110°C.

Waste Separation

1 hazardous waste,
1 non-hazardous waste

Reagent Dispense Volumes

130uL standard test volume (65 minimum-400 µl maximum)

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